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Copper Nickel Tubing factory

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Copper Nickel Tubing factory

Postby g34dfsd » Thu Mar 12, 2020 5:58 pm

Product Details
Outer Diameter: 3.00 to 70.00mm
Wall Thickness: Between 0.2 and 5 mm
Material: Nickel
Single Piece Length: 6 meter
The copper nickel tube has very high erosion and corrosion resistance. It has very high weld ability, easy for installation and high anti fouling properties against sea microorganisms. Relatively high iron content provides better impingement attack resistance. The alloy is unique to stress corrosion cracking. This form of copper alloy gives the best service life under the most adverse conditions.
Copper Nickel Tube 90/10StandardBS2871
part3ASTM B-111IS 1545JIS H 3300NFA 51 102
SymbolCN 102C 70600CuNi10Fe1C7060CuNi10Fe1Mn
Copper Nickel Tube 70/30 StandardBS2871
part3ASTM B-111IS 1545JIS H 3300NFA 51 102
NFA 51 102CN 107C 71500CuNi30Mn1FeC 7150CuNi30Mn1Fe
Heat Exchangers, Oil Coolers, Radiators, High Capacity Power Plants, Ship Building & Ship Repairs, Condensers, Offshore Oil rigs, Distiller Tubes, Evaporators, Ferrules etc.
Copper nickel tubes & pipes for marine air cooler are very important for all Industrial fields. ASCENTCOPPER has experience in these areas and is able to supply these tubes in accordance with most international standards and special customer requirements.Copper Nickel Tubing factory
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