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difficulty finding the right products

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difficulty finding the right products

Postby katherinehayward » Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:09 am

Hi, I´m new to the Forum, and am looking for a new backrest and cushion for my powerchair. I have spastic tetraparesis CP and hydrocephalus with a shunt.
Due to my CP I have scoliosis, inturning legs and feet and luxation of both hips, I´m unable to sit straight in my chair and tend to slip to the front or side. My scoliosis and postural problems cause constant pain in my back, legs and coxyx.
I´ve tried gel cushions which went out of shape with use and were too hard, foam cushions that were too soft and tended to sink, and the Vicair Vector cushios that´s filled with small air filled triangular sacs. In terms of backrests, I cannot use a standard backrest due to my postural needs and balance problems derived from ataxia. I tried a high back foam filled backrest with a lumbar support by a Canadian company called Obusforme but to no avail. None of these products have so far done anything for my posture or overall comfort. I also used the Matrix deep contour back for a few months but had the same problem.
I was recently recommended the Jay J3 cushion, which has a choice of ROHO air technology or custom made or standard fluid. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these? the Varilite range of backrests and cushions, in particular the deep contour backs and Varilite Proform NX cushion, as well the a range called ADI from the USA, again for a deep contour back. I´ve been advised to use lateral trunk supports and a headrest too.
Has anyone tried these products? if so how do they rate? I use my powerchair all day so need reliable products thats really help my posture and comfort.
Hope to hear from you soon as am looking to buy very soon.
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Re: difficulty finding the right products

Postby mike0009 » Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:28 am

Choosing a product for your retail store to sell may very well be the most difficult decision you will need to make when starting a retail business. The choices are limitless and the task may be overwhelming at first. Not only should there be a demand for your products, but it must be profitable and something you enjoy selling. Before you commit to a product or product line, consider the following factors while deciding what products to sell.
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