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Free Camp For Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Treatment at Trishla

Post updates on current Cerebral Palsy treatments and ask questions on current treatments

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Free Camp For Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Treatment at Trishla

Postby TrishlaCP » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:19 pm

Trishla Foundation is a non-government organization dedicated for cerebral palsy. This is the best center for cerebral palsy diagnosis, therapy and surgery treatment in India. Trishla gives new life to more than 10000 children affected by cerebral palsy, limb deformity, orthopedic, limb deformity, pediatric disability and other physical disability problems. There are many families from different countries came for CP treatment in India. Recently Minister Sushma Swaraj supported African family from Ghana for CP treatment at Trishla Foundation.

Trishla Foundation is organizing a free camp for cerebral palsy and orthopedic diagnosis and provide better treatment for the better management of the cerebral palsy condition. It also is organizing a symposium on life care of children with cerebral palsy in parents perspective. Here, professional and specialist from a different location will come to guide some better strategy to parents to prevention and improve condition their child affected by CP.

In this camp all checkup, diagnosis, and treatment are free. For more information contact Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain, cerebral palsy specialist, via email or visit website
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