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How to cope with CP?

Post updates on current Cerebral Palsy treatments and ask questions on current treatments

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How to cope with CP?

Postby MikeCP » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:39 am

I am Male, 23 years old and I have Right-Sided hemi that affects my left hand/arm, neck & sometimes my foot i can walk fine but I have moments where I randomly go very tense and stiff.
I have randomly been surfing the net about problems that can occur In adulthood. A few i keep seeing crop up is things such as premature ageing as our heart has to work twice as hard as other peoples does & by the age of 30-40 we look like we are 60+ i am curious as to if it is true?

i have come across a site that has done a survey based on sexual attraction and emotional behaviours ( the link is below) .
that is one of my insecurities as i have never had sex but this survey says things i can relate too a lot and makes me think how things could be very awkward. does anybody have any awkward sexual experiences they feel they can share & any insecurities about being in that situation?
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