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Infertility in men is not a new topic anymore. As more and more fertility issues recorded in couples are tied to infertility in men, more attention is paid to men’s sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction, ED is one of the common sources of infertility in men. Millions of erectile dysfunction are recorded yearly. Although it is commonly diagnosed in older men, erectile dysfunction affects young men too.

Many things lead to the development of erectile dysfunction in men. It could be psychological problems, aging, or organic causes like diseases and physical damage to the sex organs.

Some severe cases of erectile dysfunction are incurable. This is more of those that are due to severe medical conditions that can’t be cured, sex organ permanent damages, or organ removal from surgery.

Such cases of erectile dysfunction severity are very rare. Many erectile dysfunction patients suffer from conditions that can easily be treated by the use of ED medications, structured diet, or recommended physical activities like pelvic floor exercises or Pilates exercises.

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t mean infertility in men. So, many men can still make babies even when they can’t naturally have sexual intercourse with their partner. Erectile dysfunction is only a subset of infertility in men.

Infertility in men is a broad term used to describe an inability of a man to make a woman pregnant as a result of fertility problems which could be erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, low sex drive (libido), or any other condition that will incapacitate the man from impregnating a woman.

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Thanks so many medical innovations, many problems that lead to infertility in men now has solutions. For instance, erectile dysfunction has different treatments that patients can explore.

As earlier noted, there are different causes of erectile dysfunction in men. So, the recommended treatment for each patient can vary. It can be simply medications, dietary recommendations, psychological therapy, or a combination of them.

It is important to reach out to medical personnel to discuss your symptoms. This will allow for proper diagnosis of the severity of your erectile dysfunction. The causes of erectile dysfunction can also be detected making erectile dysfunction treatment recommendation easy.

The Erectile dysfunction treatment options available to men include;


Diet is one of the top solutions for recovering from a medical condition. Even if it is just malaria or flu, along with prescribed medications, some foods, containing specific nutrients are usually recommended while some are prohibited when you are recovering. In the case of erectile dysfunction, a structured diet is a lethal tool for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Foods high in nutrients such as zinc, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, L-arginine amino acid are usually recommended to erectile dysfunction patients. With the strategic inclusion of foods rich in the mentioned in your diet, you’ll recover from erectile dysfunction in no time. These nutrients boost the blood flow while some help counters other substances in the body that worsen the erectile functions. Foods high in fat, oily food, and high alcohol intake are also advised against as they can worsen your erection.

Diet is a very effective erectile dysfunction treatment but it might not be enough for some people especially those with mild or severe erectile dysfunction conditions. Hence, it is usually combined with others, to help hasten the recovery process.

Psychotherapy or talk therapy

Since many erectile dysfunction cases are psychogenic, having a therapeutic talk with a professional can be the ideal erectile dysfunction treatment for such a person.

Likewise, men who suffer erectile dysfunction from other causes other than psychogenic causes tend to fall into psychological imbalance from thinking too much, having to endure stigmatization caused by their sexual dysfunction.

So, psychotherapy might serve as either an independent erectile dysfunction treatment or supplements to other Erectile dysfunction treatments. Psychotherapy is very effective in helping you to regain sexual confidence, recover from emotional imbalances, and overcome sexual anxiety. All these wouldn’t allow you to control blood flow to your penis, hence, making it difficult to concentrate during sex, and causing poor erections.

But with continuous talk therapy, you’ll be able to get over them and have a healthy sexual life.

Physical Activities – ED specific Exercises

There are ED specific exercises that can help you strengthen the penile muscles. The condition of the pelvic muscles in the pelvic floor area between your hips determines your erectile strength. When these muscles are too weak, it’ll be difficult for you to trap blood within the penile muscles to retain an erection.

So, with ED specific exercises like pelvic floor exercises, Pilates exercises, and some recommended aerobics, you can improve the pelvic muscle strength, thereby allowing you to have healthy erections.

ED specific exercises are effective in improving erectile dysfunction conditions, when combined with other erectile dysfunction treatments, it will hasten the recovery process.

ED medications

Erectile dysfunction, ED medications are by far the most pronounced erectile dysfunction treatments. This is because of their instant action. When an ED medication is administered, some ED medications are very fast in action, that within 15 minutes, a significant erection is developed.

There are varying ED medications that are available for erectile dysfunction patients. The sildenafil citrate-based ED medication, ********* is the first known of all ED medications. It was developed in 1992 and has since birth many variants that are easily accessible and at very cheap prices. The Cenforce variants (25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 150mg, and 200mg) are the most popular sildenafil based ED medications. There are others like the fildena variants, and Vidalista, which has tadalafil as its base ingredient. Avanafil and udenafil are other popular ED medications.

CENFORCE – The Best ED medications

As we have noted, Cenforce is a very popular ED medication, for its accessibility and cheap price. Men find it very easy to use, buy and give them lasting erections,

The Cenforce variants of the branded ********* help to relax the penile muscles and cause an increase in blood flow to the penis. It strengthens the penile muscle and makes it possible for the muscle to trap blood in them for long hours, making erectile retention possible.

The Cenforce has sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient. This sildenafil citrate is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5), protein group inhibitor. This makes it possible for Cenforce to replicate the actions of this protein group in triggering cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) production. This helps in relaxing the penile muscle for smooth and increased blood flow.

This Cenforce induced erection usually lasts for at least 4 hours and as long as 8 hours in some people. Unlike *********, which starts to take effect an hour after usage. Cenforce begins action within 15-30 minutes of use – making it a top choice for several men.


Cenforce is administered according to prescription. This is because the severity of erectile dysfunction differs in men. So only have a poor erection, while some can have sufficient erection but cannot maintain it for long, usually within 1-3 minutes of beginning sex. Then, some can’t even develop an erection at all times.

So, the dosages of Cenforce recommended differ amongst men. Another reason for this can be body reaction to the drug. Some people are strong enough to tolerate the effects of the drug from the first usage. While some will have to start from the smallest dose before they can move to try out higher doses.

Cenforce is available in 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 150mg, and 200mg. The choice or prescribed dosage is hence dependent on the person using it.

CENFORCE 50MG – The Standard Cenforce Starter Dosage for ED Treatment

When it comes to starting with Cenforce as an erectile dysfunction treatment, it is advised to start with a small dosage. Cenforce 25mg is usually recommended for new users. This is known as the basic dosage of Cenforce and is associated with reduced effects including small side effects.

After trying it out and you react well with it, then, you can move to the standard Cenforce dosage for starters – the Cenforce 50mg.

Cenforce 50mg is the standard Cenforce starter dosage for erectile dysfunction treatment. Unlike the Cenforce 25mg, it is effective enough to be used consistently for erectile dysfunction recovery. It contains 50mg active sildenafil citrate and can effectively help relax the penile muscle for increased blood flow to the penis.

It is usually recommended for mild erectile dysfunction treatments. Higher dosages like 100mg, 150mg, and 200mg are preferred for severe ED conditions.

The Cenforce 50mg is available in pill (tablet) form and is available for purchase on online drug stores.


The Cenforce 50mg is a PDE-5 protein group inhibitor just like its active ingredient, sildenafil citrate. So, when you take it, with water, it works by increasing cGMP synthesis. This helps in relaxing your pelvic muscles, thereby causing an increased blood flow.

Erectile dysfunction is a function of poor blood flow to the penile muscles and weakness of the muscles. So, the work of Cenforce 50mg is to relax the muscle, allowing for increased blood flow. The action of the Cenforce 50mg includes strengthening the penile to trap blood which will keep the penis erect.

On taking Cenforce 50mg, the action is felt within 15-30mins of absorption. Its effects last for about 8 hours, and at least 4 hours, on a minimum.

The function of Cenforce 25mg doesn’t include boosting of low sex drive. That is an entirely different condition that has its specified treatment options. Hence, so far you’re sufficiently sexually stimulated, Cenforce 50mg will help you achieve the needed erection to successfully start and complete sexual intercourse.


The ED medication, Cenforce 50mg is an oral medication that is swallowed with water. It doesn’t need any special usage method like through injection, syrup, or implantable pellets.

When using it, it should remain in the tablet form. If crushed by chewing or reduced to fine powder, the actions will be depleted. So, use the Cenforce 50mg in pill form with water.

Other things to avoid when using Cenforce 50mg include;

Usage with a large quantity of alcohol should be avoided. If at all, the alcohol should be in a very small amount.
Cenforce 50mg shouldn’t be used with another ED medication such as tadalafil, avanafil, fildena, vidalista, and others.
Cenforce 50mg shouldn’t be used with antidepressants, high blood pressure drugs, hepatitis C medications, or other PDE-5 inhibitors
Young boys or kids below 18 years old shouldn’t use Cenforce 50mg
Women should not use Cenforce 50mg (they can check out femalegra instead)
People with diseases such as chronic liver, kidney or heart diseases, high blood pressure, hepatitis C or HIV/AIDS
Don’t use Cenforce 50mg after you just consume a food high in fat, oil, or grapefruits consumption. Also, avoid them a few hours before you take Cenforce 50mg, it will slow down its actions.
Only use it after a 24 hours interval. Even if you miss your dose, avoid taking two pills at a time. You should contact your doctor for the best direction on what to do.


Many people have been reported to experience some side effects after using Cenforce 50mg. This is expected because of its action of increasing blood flow in the body. Your body will react to induced actions. Some people are however strong enough to not witness most of the side effects.

It all depends on you and how you can tolerate the actions of the drug. Common side effects associated with Cenforce 50mg include;

Flushed face
Sneezing and nasal blockage
Stomach disturbances
Back pain
Painful and cloudy urination
Vision difficulties
Increased body temperature
Dry mouth
Fainting (in some)
Numbness of skin
Nose bleeding
An abnormal erection (endeavor to report it)


Cenforce 50mg should be stored in a cool dry place. Endeavor to keep it away from direct light, moisture, or heat. A temperature below 27 degrees Celsius is advised for storage of Cenforce 50mg.


Cenforce variants of ********* are popular for accessibility and cheap prices. You can easily order Cenforce 50mg from an online drug store. It is available in different flavors at very affordable prices.


Infertility in men is not strange anymore. More men are causing conception delays in many relationships now. Thus, men’s health is as important as women’s. Couples need to look critically at infertility in men as done with women.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common health condition associated with infertility in men. One out of six men suffers erectile dysfunction, especially at old age.

Today, both young men and old ones suffer from erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, there are several erectile dysfunction treatment options available for men to explore. Especially with the discovery of ********* – the sildenafil citrate-based ED medication, erectile dysfunction is less a worry for men.

The branded ********* has been helpful in overpowering erectile dysfunction for years. It is however limited by its high price and accessibility issues. But with generic versions of ********* now available in different types, men even find treating erectile dysfunction more easily.

The Cenforce variants of ********* are the most popular on the lips of men. Its fast absorption and fast action made it so. The Cenforce 50mg dosage is usually recommended for starters and is very ideal for treating mild erectile dysfunction.

On administering the Cenforce 50mg through oral means, with water, it relaxes the penile muscles and increases blood flow to the penis. Thereby giving you a strong erection that can last up to 8 hours.

It is recommended that you follow the usage guidelines and monitor the side-effects you experience. Report any extraordinary side effects and keep in touch with your doctor to monitor your dosages.
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