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it makes your body and your brain feel reall

it makes your body and your brain feel reall

Postby fghanjalbi » Thu Jun 18, 2020 7:28 am

it makes your body and your brain feel really really good so what highly highly highly recommend kends I can still cheat and go out and whatever else and I hop on the scale on Monday and I didn't gain any weight that is so crazy to me because like I'm so not used to that but you guys what I swear by is the internet and fasting it's what works for me I feel so good I feel mentally healthy I feel physically Cialix healthy I get clarity it makes my body feel good it resets my body every single day so that I'm not over eating when you eat your the stomach expands and so to keep your stomach at that expanded space you're gonna have to eat more and you think you're hungry when you're not and that's why people get the lap-band surgery it makes your stomach small or you can save all that
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Re: it makes your body and your brain feel reall

Postby frankMarini » Tue Oct 20, 2020 12:24 pm

Be free from nociceptors: nerves that feel damaged or fear damage to our body and show it in the gut and brain. As a result, many believed that the brain was not injured. Beliefs that enter into common traditions.

In the 2001 film Hannibal, there is a complex scene where the name of Hannibal Lecter interrupts the brain of an FBI agent who is very alert, despite being on drugs, and sitting at the table.

"Look, the brain itself doesn't suffer," Lecter tells Clarice Starling.

But if the brain does not suffer, why headache?

Although there are no nociceptics in the brain, many other parts of our brains function, including the blood vessels, nerves, and nerves of the neck, face, and head. Headache creates problems with these structures.

The types of nociceptors are activated by stress, damage, overheating and certain chemicals such as capsaicin (an active ingredient in chili peppers).

The "frozen brain" or "ice cream headache" appears to cause sudden changes in blood flow to the arteries between the throat and the brain. Dryness causes headaches by irritating the blood vessels in the head and is one of the main causes of headaches that most people experience after drinking overnight. Any doctor can tell you that a headache can indicate that you are paying too much attention, perhaps brushing your teeth while you sleep.

The cause of pain during a migraine is not yet well understood, but it is thought to be the origin of nociceptors and meninges, such as cellophane that closes the brain and spinal cord. At this moment it is not known what he will do after leaving the post.

Although the brain has no regulators, headaches can still indicate problems with the brain. Sudden, severe, sudden, and severe headaches can be a sign of serious brain problems such as tumors, bleeding, or illness. Although pain causes these problems, it is not because of the activation of nociceptors in the brain itself - because there are none - but because the brain responds and puts pressure on it. and especially other parts.
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Re: it makes your body and your brain feel reall

Postby peterjohnee1 » Tue Oct 20, 2020 7:18 pm

You need the understanding and creation of a life that has given you the hands and cookie clicker the mind to explore and work with.
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