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On a sunny day, my mother

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On a sunny day, my mother

Postby ylq » Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:25 am

On a sunny day, my mother took me to her office to play. At the door of the office, I saw a few children, who held a paper cup in one hand and the other hand as if they were grabbing something, and kept stuffing them into the cup. What are they doing? I ran over and saw it! It��s all inside. They told me that they would take the cockroach to do experiments, let the ants drag home and eat, and try the strength of the ants. I looked at you, their eyes were looking at me as if they were asking for help. At this time, I feel that these cockroaches are too poor, being locked in a cup, losing their freedom, and some may have lost their parents.I said to them: "Little brothers, you are the beneficial insects, you can eat the flies and mosquitoes that we hate, so that we are protected from the 'skin of the flesh,' the body is healthier and the living environment is cleaner." One child is dubious Looking at me, another child said: "It eats such disgusting things, it will certainly spread germs, it will also damage the living environment, then it should kill them." Then he took the paper cup to the other Let's go. I am very angry, rushed to grab the paper cup and ran. He cried, yelling: "Come back, still me..." I still ran, ran to the distance, opened the lid, I said anxiously: "Hey, run out Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, I know you are a good insect." Just flying out, they danced around me as if to thank me.t back to the little friend and said, "You don't want to be angry. I was just too reckless. I didn't agree with you. I put it down, sorry. Please think, if you are jealous, you have done a lot of good things for people, people not only Don't thank you, but also capture you. Don't you think you are too embarrassed? Killing beneficial insects means killing human beings..."others understood, nodded and left. In this way, the hurricane wave subsided and he was saved.eneficial insects and putting them into action can make a clear explanation to the younger brothers and calm down the turmoil. It is obvious that primary school students are increasingly aware of the ecological balance. The dialogue part of the article is vivid unday, because we didn't have to take the seventh and eighth lessons, we were all bored. All of our boys were concentrated in the dormitory. Lele in our dormitory didn't know what to think about Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. He turned his eyes and said mysteriously: "We are very bored anyway. It's better to play hide and seek than we do! But-" The students anxiously said: "You Say it!" "But turn off the lights, this is enough to stimulate!" Lele said. "Well, how are you!" "No "package, cut, hammer" war, because Zhang Jiahua lost, he came to arrest us. We first close the door and then hide in their respective places. Some hide behind the door; some hide in the bath he will find me. The man hiding behind the door is afraid of being caught by the first one, fighting with Zhang Jiahua! Zhang Jiahua can go to the other side and jump to the other side. He found the man behind the door, but he was caught by the man under the bed and grabbed him. He touched his head and found two people under the bed. My hand writhed involuntarily, and the teeth trembled in disobedience. I was thinking again: Come, come! The cold wind is patiently tormenting my body, and the horror and coldness make me shudder. Then suddenly two people jumped out of the closet, making Zhang Jiahua more fearful. He found the person hiding in the closet, but it was not Lele. Where should Lele hide? Where is he? "��"... Who is it? Wouldn't it be a "dead brother"? I thought curiously. Sure enough, as I expected, Su Jifen jumped from the closet and scared him. There are two last people! he thinks. He came over, my heart is hanging high, I don't know if he will find me? I was thinking, he was excited to say: "Radish, I found you!" I took a long breath and said: "I don't have to stay in that ghost place!" Zhang Jiahua saw the shower room closed the door Then open the door of the shower room with confidence Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online. But at that moment...
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