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From small to larg

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From small to larg

Postby ylq » Sun Apr 14, 2019 6:03 pm

From small to large, parents and teachers have always taught us to do good deeds and be helpful. Ok, you have to be helpful, because you save a life and win a seven-level float. What do you mean, I don't know, I don't know what the teacher said. Have you noticed that there are a lot of cockroaches on the street, male, female, old, small, awkward, dumb, lacking Newport Cartons For Sale. Arms, broken legs, but also directly lying on the ground (please forgive me to say this) Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping... they are all trying their best to win the sympathy of everyone. I have observed several times that the pedestrians on the street are mostly in a hurry, can stop, and there are not many people who put money in their pots. When you meet such a person, will you come up with a piece of two for them once? I went shopping with my friend. In less than half an hour, we actually met three squats before and after. Put money in their pots. My friends advised me several times, don't give them money, my friends told me that they are all liar, and what kind of disabled people are deceiving. Didn't you read the news? The people on the street came out to beg in the daytime and went to the high places at night. People's lives have been moisturized, and some don't know, even more than us. In fact, I am not the first to hear such remarks, and I have seen some news reports more or less, but even then, every time I see those people, I am always unable to bear it. I can��t ignore them, so I They will give them a little change. If it is really a liar, lie to lie, anyway, I feel at ease. Later, I discussed this topic with my friends. The friend said that she used to be very enthusiastic. Every time she saw such a disabled person, she would sincerely give them two pieces of change, but once she saw a broken brother who she had just received. In a blink of an eye, she stood in front of her own, her suit and shoes, and she said that her eyes were straight. I said, you are not mistaken. She said, no, because the little brother has some injuries on his face, it is easy to recognize. The friend said that since then, she will not give those money anymore. When she passed them, she will speed up. My friends said that it is not easy for me to make money myself. I help them because I think their life is not as good as me. Everyone has a difficult time, isn't it?? But since that incident, my thoughts have changed, those I don��t want to take a look at the weakness of disguise. In fact, I especially understand what my friends said. Help, it is love, not help, it is the duty, no one is right or wrong. Speaking of this, I remembered a little story I had seen before. The effect was that a scorpion fell into the water tank, and the old abbot saw it. He rolled up his sleeves to save the water, but he tried it several times. Succeeded, and the old abbot��s hand was smashed several times by the scorpion. The little savior next to him couldn��t stand it Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes. He couldn��t help but ask: Master, the scorpion always yells at you, why do you want to save it?? The old abbot said with a heavy heart: "The deaf person is its nature. It is my nature to save it. I cannot change my nature because of its nature." Now, let's go back and look at those embarrassing people. If you want to help him, I suggest that you listen to your heart. At the very least, we will not be worried about not helping him. It is difficult to sleep at night. Therefore, I said that kindness is an ability. You must not only force the cold eyes of all beings, but also break the inner entanglement of your heart.
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