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Leggings and jeans for older women

I decided to create this new form as I am now a parent with Cerebral Palsy and had a child in Nov. of 2012. I would like to have other parents who have Cerebral Palsy and are raising a child or children share their experiences here.

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Leggings and jeans for older women

Postby ownher2018 » Mon May 13, 2019 11:12 pm

Ladies over 40 are getting into leggings as the perfect and causal style statement. Why not? They have become the weekend clothing  statement for running errands. Anyway, how should you be dressed in these if you do not want to look like you are still in the 80s? well, here are different tips for you:

Wear ankle length leggings: These will flatter any person. Anyway, finding the right style that matches your shape is the top suggestion. Do not confuse leggings with panty hoses and pants at cicilookshop.  They are tights and some are deep while others are sheer. So try to find the thicker one. Some of them are longer, but try to reject the capri length, mainly if you are short or your calves are thick.

Wear tops that are flowing: with sexy leggings for women, you want to wear loose and long cheap tops for women to cover your butt; especially if you are wide or heavy behind. Because leggings are skinny on the bottom, it is clear that a wide and long top work amazing. Actually, these types of top will hide any bulges that may exist. A bold tunic and leggings when you are over 40 will provide you a new look.

If you want to wear a little mini dress coupled with a pair of leggings, it will not just dress up your outfit, but provides a more conservative, stylish, casual and new look.

Wearing wedges or flats: if you want to wear leggings, then pick a pair of wedges or flats. Definitely, you can go for high heeled shoes, but this may look a pretty tacky for a 40 year old. This is more teenaged look for clubbing. Wedges, ballet flats and how heeled boots are top for a mature and calm feel.

Colored jeans: These fun, chic, modern and hip jeans are in for the present and future season. They match women of any age so do not reject hem when you are older. They come in a big range of colors that you can pick from. Actually, if you purchased pink-colored jeans, you could wear so many different colored tops with it as well as mixed choice of shoes. You can dress up your outfit with a big range of accessories, depending on the occasion. If you are pear shaped, you could go for wide legged jeans instead of the skinny fit. If you have restricted curves, the skinny fit is top for you. For a boyish look, pick the cargo style.

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