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Players are able create two characters for free in NW

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Players are able create two characters for free in NW

Postby gamexcx » Fri May 31, 2019 1:56 am

Neverwinter does have some large and often very pretty areas for players to run free through and it is occasionally worth going off the beaten track where the odd secret may lie in wait, but this isn't a game that rewards investigation, because it's not about that. It's about smacking ever larger numbers off the top of monsters' heads until coins burst out of them, collecting slightly better equipment than what you currently use and then selling your old gear in town, where rows of motionless vendors stare glassy eyed into the middle distance, their souls long crushed by the monotony of their existence.

Unusually for an MMO, there haven’t been any classes released that require the purchase of an expansion pack. The classes only represent a very small selection of those available in Dungeons and Dragons, so there’s a great deal of room for new classes to be released. Part of what makes the design work is the combat system. A mixture of classic MMO structure, with cool down meters and what not, and a faster action focused pace makes this so much more tenable to both genre die-hards and action fans trying the genre for the first time. In battle, players must constantly be aware of what the enemy is about to do. There are tell tale wind ups for a strong close strike, and red markers on the ground for other types of pending attacks.

Neverwinter actually does have some good group content in the form of skirmishes, dungeons, and PvP arenas, but it's hard to make friends and socialize when communication is so unwieldy. (On the other hand, the silence also keeps the trolls who spoil the fun in World of Warcraft quiet.) Voice chat works fine, though, and I had my best time with Neverwinter when I grouped with a pre-existing Xbox Live friend with whom I could chat about life as we quested.

Players are able create two characters for free in Neverwinter, but in order to open more slots, players will need to use Neverwinter Zen, the in game currency that can only be acquired from the Xbox Store. Zen can also be used to purchase other in-game items like companions, mounts, bags and treasure chests. However, purchasing items with Zen is not required to complete the game, though players may have to grind for these items if they choose not to purchase Zen. Those who do purchase Zen will discover a simple and smooth process.
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