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state’s NFL teams and all three of the state’s most

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state’s NFL teams and all three of the state’s most

Postby elaine95 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:49 pm

The fantasy playoffs are finally here for most leagues. There are many factors you need to consider Tytus Howard Jersey , starting with whether you qualified for a bye.A bye gives you some wiggle room to address any of your weaknesses, but the concept is the same no matter your seed: depth stays important but takes a hit because you’re limited in how many players will make it into your actual lineup.That doesn’t mean you should just release a strong player in the free agent pool, but if you have one you’re never going to use and won’t be of value to you or an opponent, they become expendable and you gain the value of a roster spot for a more crucial position.It’s rare during the regular season that you need to worry about an opponent’s roster. That changes during the playoffs. You may discover a desperate need for a player at a certain position due to injury or a terrible matchup. Maybe there’s an obvious player for them to target on waivers. Well, if you have more free agent acquisition dollars or a higher waiver priority, play a little defense and grab the player before they can. All’s fair in fantasy (if it’s not explicitly against the rules) — just make sure the player you’re releasing won’t come back to haunt you.One last tip — there’s a chance Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski could be disciplined for his hit on Bills player Tre’Davious White [url=]Gary Jennings
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