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G Tube Question and Handling Grandparents/Parents Discussion

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G Tube Question and Handling Grandparents/Parents Discussion

Postby LanceG » Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:11 pm


My nephew has cerebral palsy because of malpractice. He went 6 min without oxygen to the brain and they had to revive him. He can not walk, nor sit-up but when you put him on the ground he does kick his feet, goes in circle, laughs, and tries to raises his arm. He can kick his feet one by one when he in the stroller as well. My parents watches him on the weekends friday - sunday night. My nephew eats through the mouth but it has to be puree through a blender. He can not chew but he can swallow but sometimes he gags and when you tell him to relax, he does and the food goes down. The problem is he is 6 yr old and weighs 31 lb. He has been 31 lb for awhile with no change and I heard my brother and sister-n-law might get my nephew a G-Tube and this is where the issue lies between grandparents and parents.

My parents do not like the idea of subjecting him to surgery and being under anesthesia and potential problems this can occur with the G-Tube. Their used to picking him up a certain way, feeding him through mouth, playing with him, etc and getting this G-Tube changes that and the thought of "What If this happens?" My father is not the cautious type and my mom is the same way and they don't want that burden. Now my brother and sister-n-law feel that this would benefit him in getting the nutrients he need, etc that the G-Tube provide. Both my parents have read up on G-Tube and so has my brother and sister-n-law. I am not sure if my brother and sister-n-law have looked up the cons to this but my parents have and do not like the idea and this is where parents/grandparents butt heads.

As an uncle, I want whats best for my nephew but at the same time a G-Tube in a 6 yr old I personally do not want. He has gone through so much with surgery to stop scissor legs. and others. I would like to help calm the tension but this is a difficult situation and my parents have raised a disability child in me. I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease and I was at an MDA summer camp with different children with different disability including CP and my parents have seen this as well. But obviously CMT is different than CP.

I would really appreciate if anybody can tell me if they went through this situation like this between grandparents/parents and how I can be a remedy to this b/c it tears me apart.


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