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Shoes and Boots

Here parents of children with Cerebral Palsy can post questions about caring for their child and get advice on special needs and care.

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Shoes and Boots

Postby lisamariea » Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:33 pm

Hi everyone! My name is Lisamarie. I am a student in Canada interested in product development for children with disabilities. I am currently working with a team of nine other students to commercialize an easier-to-put-on boot geared primarily toward children with agility disabilities. In particular, we are looking to help children with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and multiple sclerosis. If you have had any difficulties helping your child put on boots, please share your experiences. Would your child benefit from shoes or boots that could be put on independently? What is the maximum price you would be willing to spend on a pair of boots? Thanks so much!
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Re: Shoes and Boots

Postby admin » Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:05 am

Hi There,
I have a big problem with shoes and boots. Not so much of a problem with putting them on but the fact that I wear through my shoes so quick. I have to buy shoes at least twice a month because I wear through front from walking on my toes. You may also want to look at producing highly durable shoes for those with CP. Just a thought.
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Re: Shoes and Boots

Postby kameronsmother » Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:01 pm

I agree with the above. My son is 4 who has cp and has trouble finding good shoes and ones that fit for AFO's. I think would be something to be looked into.

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Re: Shoes and Boots

Postby Garryepolwe » Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:41 am

Thank you for your posts! Very interesting!
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