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Sinus Tarsi/pain near ankle/CP doctor for older patients

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Sinus Tarsi/pain near ankle/CP doctor for older patients

Postby thecpboutique » Tue Apr 29, 2008 4:18 pm

Hey, has anyone here had issues with their sinus tarsi area? I am having debilitating pain in the area (a bit in front of your ankle)....I suspect some of it has to do with a surgery I had when I was young, my foot turned it's turning outwards excessively and causing "pinching" or something.

I've had a cyst removed in that area, but I still have lots of swelling and pain, and my doctor says I'm too young for a ankle fusion.

I used to be a Dupont kid, I saw Dr. Miller, but he won't see me because I'm too old...does anyone know of a good CP guru who sees older patients? I am desperate.
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