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smoke and dust that has been l

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smoke and dust that has been l

Postby ylq » Tue Jun 02, 2020 1:46 am

I have been smoking. So far, I have a history of 10 years. In the past 7 years, I have also tried to quit smoking, but I have not succeeded, because I never thought about it. How sad I should be without cigarettes in my life. A professor's life principle-do not quit smoking, do not quit drinking, do not exercise. And he can still spend every day dashingly, how is he now? Who knows, after all, a person cannot be so beautiful every day of his life, and who cares a lot about the obscure days? The first woman who loves smoking, drinking alcohol, and talking playful words in hearty laughter. I like her. In fact, because of her bad posture, she gives me the impression that she is full of ideas. The child is naughty and mature, simple and chic, so I can't forget it. She will be like a teenager with simple desires, a rich life, she will be in a smoke emergency, she will stand against the window, her eyes narrowed into a gap and stare into the distance, her right leg is placed in front of her left leg, her toes point to the ground, With arms crossed softly in front of your chest, grab the cigarette holder with your right hand, and slowly send it to your lips. The affectionate grip is in your mouth. The contraction of your cheeks can make the cigarette butt light and dark. The ground, the ash, like the fallen leaves of autumn, hovering and falling, every inch close to the ground, they spread apart, and when they look at the ground, they are scattered one by one, but she, but Still maintaining that kind of permanent posture []Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], it seems to be telling all the grievances, strength and suffering with the curling smoke. If you go to provoke her at this time, she will gently pass the rest of the burning smoke to you without turning her head, so that all your words and actions will stop abruptly. She gave and explained silently, and suddenly became obedient, because you know that it is already a state, a state that only needs to be silently maintained, and no one will destroy it without wit realm. And sometimes, when you are meditating or too busy, she will suddenly snatch the burning smoke from your lips, take a deep breath in your mouth, and then smile and blow to your face, let When you lose everything temporarily, you only see her secret smile, and when the smoke is gone, she disappears. She never smokes when going out or taking a walk with you []Marlboro Lights[/url], she is not fooled by any way of tempting her, but just makes you smell of smoke all over the house after going back, she will get a cigarette and run around If you are not happy to see you, she will obediently clean up the smoke and dust that has been lost on the ground []Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], and she will peek at you from time to time, like a kitten who broke a vase. Yes, she ran to trouble you and made you forget the unhappiness at that moment. On the weekend morning, I would wake her up with smoke when I got up, and she would immediately change from calm to a very reluctant look, and then pulled the quilt over her head and covered her head to see that she was not begging for mercy. Smoked a thick smoke in her mouth and dragged the quilt with her hand. She seemed to know what I was about to do, so she dragged the quilt, and then freed up a hand to give me itching, causing me to save a bite. Full of smoke swallowed into her belly and coughed for a while, and she would laugh back and forth, the laughter now remembered, as if the spring wind blew the wind chime in front of the window, exquisite and long-lasting, let I feel a familiar stranger. Now, every time I catch a cigarette, I will remember these stories and this former woman, so my cigarette seems to be held in her hand and slowly burns.
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