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Taiwan cnc turning center

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Taiwan cnc turning center

Postby dsfsfb1 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:42 am

Items UnitSY-106
CapacityMaximum rotating diametermm400
Standard machining diametermm165
Max.processing diametermm240
Max.processing lengthmm350
Bar machining diametermm42
TravelX axismm160
Z axismm400
Y axismm-
Dynamic KnifePower motorkw-
Number -
Spindle end specification A2-5/A2-6
Hydraulic chuck specificationsmm42
Tool carrierTool Post Type Servo turret
Square shank heightmm20
Boring bar shank heightmm32
Feed speedFeed ratem/minX:20/Z:24
TailstockMandrel taper bore MT.4
Mandrel travelmm80
Mandrel diametermm75
Tailstock body travelmm400
MotorSpindle motorkw7.5/11
Feed-axis motorkwX:1.8/Z:1.8
Hydraulic pump motorkw1.5
Cutting fluid motorkw0.55
Power sourcePower sourceKVA17
Fuel tankageFor hydraulic equipmentL40
For lubeL2
For cutting fluidL100
Machine volumeHeightmm1670
Distance between centermm1100
Floor spacemm×mm2320×1480

The machining center is developed from CNC milling machines. The biggest difference with the CNC milling machine is that the machining center has the ability to automatically exchange machining tools. By installing different tools on the magazine, it is possible to change the machining tool on the spindle by means of the automatic tool changer in one clamping operation.Taiwan cnc turning center
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