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Whenever someone has

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Whenever someone has

Postby ylq » Thu May 30, 2019 12:20 am

Whenever someone has been sick and needs someone to take care of it, the mother who is usually very healthy is sick. I am very worried that yesterday, the neighbors met and said that my mother��s face was darker than usual. My mother didn��t care, I thought I didn��t have a good rest, I didn��t have After I had dinner on my heart, I ran to play crazy. I noticed that it was more than ten o'clock, and my mother didn't go out for a walk! When I got home, I saw the lights on the third floor bedroom. I ran upstairs happily, changed my shoes, and screamed "Mom." My mother didn't say anything, I was a little confused: I usually have a must-answer, what is wrong with this? I walked into the bedroom and saw my mother lying on the bed, closing her eyes, and the quilt wrapped tightly. It seemed to be asleep. I tried to scream: "Mom." Mom opened her eyes and said weakly: "Mom. I am sick, I can't move my pain, you go to burn some water." I was busy picking up the kettle, picking up the water and starting to burn, looked up at my mother, her face was pale and her eyes were bloodshot. My mother moved her lips, and I cocked my ears and listened: "Let your brother come up." I rushed downstairs and smashed my brother who was playing games and my sister was fighting. "Mom is sick, you still can't come up!" The younger brother did not speak. I picked up my mother's mobile phone and called my dad, ready to let my mother go to the hospital. As soon as I heard the hospital, my mother barely said that she was fine. I hang up and ask my mother to go to the hospital, and then I cried. Mom comforted me: "Don't cry, nothing, it's a cold, can't die." The younger brother has been beside the apple. I have to go downstairs to tell my uncle, if there is something to send the mother to the hospital. When I went up, my mother was already asleepy brother��s eyes are very pitiful: ��Who am I sleeping with? Will my mother die? You wake her up...�� ��Mom will be up tomorrow, you sleep with my sister. I put a towel in my cold water on my forehead. I saw my mother's brow wrinkled. The younger brother had changed his pajamas to cover the quilt. He looked at me with particularly clear eyes: "Mom is really good, don't lie to me." "As long as you are obedient, my mother will be fine." "I called my father again and told him that his mother had slept. Dad paused for a long time and said, "Then you sleep, my brother saw me hanging up and said softly: "I want to watch TV, but my mother is Sleeping, I am afraid that watching TV mother is not good." I suddenly felt that my brother was sensible, touched his head, turned off the light and slept, could not sleep, thought: my mother was sick, I first discovered, I actually know that I feel bad and care about my mother. Maybe, I am growing up...
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