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Your Path To Personal Growth

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Your Path To Personal Growth

Postby cigssmoke » Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:20 pm

It does not really take much for someone to tell you what you have done to hurt them. You hear them but do you really listen to them. You say you are sorry and won't let it happen again, but then it does. Maybe not the exact same thing but something happens to hurt you again. We are all creatures of habit; habits are what are comfortable to us. Hiding how we really feel, pretending to be someone we are not. These actions continue to hurt the ones we love the most, including ourselves.

Always looking for what you can get out of someone, or what you will get out of someone, or what you will get by doing something for someone. Is this how God wants us to really be? Who really knows? We believe in things we can't see, hear or talk to. We sometimes tend to do things out of spite. What do you really get in return for doing something just to hurt someone? Are our feelings so fragile the only way we can express them is by lashing out at the ones we love the most? Is this the only way we can express them even to ourselves.

How many times have you said I'm sorry to someone, to the same person, for the same thing or multiple things? Why do we let people in our lives anyway? They are just going to hurt you at some point and time anyway Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. Is it really so bad to be alone and not let anyone in our lives, would you be happy then? Well that is just not possible! Well you would not have the opportunity to hurt someone, have no reason to say I'm sorry.

We all need people in our lives for one reason or another either by choice or not so it is best to just learn to get the hell along! If we did not have these people in our lives what would our purpose be? You could go your whole life with hurt in your heart, and never express it to the one who hurt you (kind of the opposite of the beginning statement).

But the others you let in your life will feel your wrath. They will never understand why you are the way you are, because maybe you will never tell them or you don't know how to tell them what has hurt you. They may never truly listen to you and try to make it better. But only you can make it better only you can truly heal yourself Newport Cigarettes For Sale.

You have to believe in yourself and know that even though someone has hurt you it will get better; you will get over that hurt and move on. One day you will be free of the hurt and never look back, never wonder what if, never wish things could be different. You will find true inner peace within yourself. You can not love another person when your heart is broken no matter how you truly feel about that person, no matter what they do to gain your trust and love.

It is truly sad for them because they may be at a point where they truly love you with all their heart. It seems like a vicious cycle doesn't it. Because someone will cross their path who truly loves them and their heart will be broken and they will be unable to return that love, and they will end up the same way. There has to be some way to end the cycle. Love is given so freely sometimes, and we sometimes take advantage of it. Hurt is also given just as freely and maybe even more then love.

There are many people in the world who have been hurt time and again and I'm sure they wonder was I just put on this Earth to only experience pain. Well I would hope this is not true. I don't think God wants is to hurt, or be in pain, or hurt others. Human beings are very loving and caring Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, but there is that evil hateful side as well. There has to be a balance between the two. You have to take your life experiences of hurt and love and learn from them, they help you grow as a person. The less you experience in life the less you grow.

No matter how you look at it love comes with hurt and from that hurt you will learn what you will and will not allow to happen to you as a human being. Because through your journey here on Earth in life you should strive for inner peace and love. Never let anyone who has hurt you stand in your way of obtaining inner peace and take away your joy in life.
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